Impartial business valuations for partner or director disputes  Impartial business valuations for partner or director disputes  Impartial business valuations for partner or director disputes  Impartial business valuations for partner or director disputes
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Impartial business valuations for partner or director disputes

How to value a small business

R A Valuation Services Limited specialises in providing sensibly and competitively priced formal business valuation and company valuation reports for businesses and other organisations in the UK and Europe. R A Valuation Services is totally independent and has expertise and, all importantly, suitable comparable data to accurately assess the value of a business or company, on an impartial basis, to resolve disputes and disagreements between partners, directors or shareholders.

A dissenting director who holds shares - or partner who has an ownership issue - can cause issues. If you do not address the issues, the company will be deadlocked. Perhaps the most important thing to establish in the early stages of settlement is the value of the business or company. For obvious reasons, this should be from an independent and impartial expert.

The smaller the business, the closer the ties between stakeholders. Rarely when creating a business are the following issues formally agreed:
  • How the business is managed
  • What happens if the shareholders / partners fall out
  • What happens when a director and shareholder or partner departs.
When these issues emerge, the result is deadlock. Legislation doesn't cover either how the departing partner or director/shareholder exits the business or the basis of the valuation.

Standard partnership agreements and articles of association do not habitually cover a partner/director/shareholder leaving the business. For example, a departing director can usually leave the business and keep their shareholding. If the holding is significant the remaining partner/director may not be able to make any business decisions or amend the Articles without the permission of the departed party.

In such scenarios, it is often deemed advisable for one party to buy out the other. Consequently it is necessary to obtain an impartial and independent valuation of the business or company which reflected fair market value.

If you, or you client, are in this situation and may require a professional formal valuation, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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Reasons for a valuation
A Business Valuation supported by a professionally prepared valuation report from an independent and authoritative source is an essential aid to:
  • Management or internal buyout
  • Business sale / Business purchase
  • Partnership and shareholder change
  • Litigation e.g. legal separation
  • Incorporation
  • Tax agreement
  • Borrowing and funding
  • Business development
  • Benchmark / Performance indicators for business
  • Report is definitive & realistic in the market place
R A Valuation Services Ltd
Recognised Authority
Valuation reports produced by R A Valuation Services Limited are acknowledged to be the authoritative form of business valuation for many small and micro business sectors and are accepted by:
  • Bank managers
  • Other lenders & providers of finance
  • Lawyers
  • Accountants
  • Tax specialists
And an R A Valuation Services' valuation report is tailor-made for their purposes. Indeed, such is their authority that an R A Valuation Services' valuation report is normally insisted upon in support of negotiations.

The report itself is detailed and informative, professionally presented and smartly bound.

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